Solving the Manufacturing Data Dilemma: The Path to Insights and Agility

In manufacturing, many companies grow through acquisition. Although this is great for expanding the business, it can make some of the core data management tasks unusually tough.

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  • Why manufacturing organizations need access centralized data — even if their operations are decentralized
  • How data fragmentation leads to different versions of the truth — none of which is comprehensive, complete or trusted
  • How poorly governed information silos across several ERP systems compromise your overall productivity and escalate costs
  • How master data management (MDM) solves these problems to provide the insights and agility essential to the manufacturing industry

There are varying approaches for solving the ERP sprawl that is keeping you from swift insights and agility in manufacturing. But MDM is often the quickest and most effective means of implementing a cohesive data strategy while leaving existing systems in place.

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