Surviving Workplace Zombies

No doubt you've seen them. Workplace zombies. The mindless, slow, de-motivated, disconnected people who try to drag you down to their level. In some workplaces they are rare while in others they swarm everywhere. But regardless of where you find them, you've got to know what to do retain your sanity and your career prospects.

Join Paul Glen, Computerworld columnist and co-author of “The Geek Leader's Handbook” for a light-hearted exploration of this deadly serious problem.

You'll learn about what you can do when:
  • You are stuck on a zombie team.
  • Your project sponsors are zombies.
  • Your boss is a zombie.
  • You feel yourself in danger of becoming a zombie, too.

Paul Glen
CEO, Leading Geeks Company

James Hilliard
President, Hilly Productions

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