Take Charge of Your Data Center Hardware Refresh Plan

A widescale hardware refresh should be your go-to if it’s the only means to boost operating efficiency and meet business demands. For most IT departments, the decision is based on adding additional capacity, power, speed, comparability and interoperability. Before you take the big leap, gather your options and layout your detailed equipment strategy to make an informed decision. In this article, we offer a few tips to plan for your next hardware refresh. We will:

  • Address infrastructure needs and objectives
  • Target coverage gaps and determine cost-cutting tactics
  • Rethink the 3-year refresh cycle
  • Determine how equipment reliability impacts your refresh decisions
  • Optimize your hardware refresh plan to increase efficiencies and cut costs

The key to planning a hardware refresh is to start with an understanding of your objectives and desired impacts. Read the article to learn how to create a flexible and affordable infrastructure strategy.

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