The changing face of family benefits

For modern employers, supporting their employees both in and outside of work is essential to maintaining and recruiting a happy, productive, committed workforce. Working families have long been a vulnerable population, and their needs are only increasing.
Get “The changing face of family benefits: An employer guide to inclusive benefits for all families” to understand your options and set your benefits strategy on the right track.


About the eBook
In this comprehensive 50-page guide, you'll learn:

  • The full spectrum of the family building journey: Supporting employees begins with understanding their needs. Families don’t begin and end during the span of parental leave, and neither should the benefits that support them.
  • The business value of investing in families: Working families are a huge part of the working population with approximately 40% of professionals having a child at home. Giving parents the resources and tools they need to thrive at home and at work reaps huge rewards.
  • Benefits design for everyone: Gone are the days of dental, medical, and vision being sufficient benefits for all employees. Learn how you can design a flexible, adaptable benefits strategy that will support all families through their changing needs.

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