The Product Mindset: Key to Transforming the Cybersecurity Industry

To be able to detect and respond to incidents rapidly, today’s organizations must build — or rely on outsourced services delivered from — an effective security operations center (SOC). But in today’s world, staffing an SOC can be challenging.

All too often, analysts face an ever-increasing workload, information overload, an excess of false positive alerts to chase down, and chaos and complexity within the SOC.

In our new playbook, we explore how when applying a product mindset, cybersecurity companies can create products that solve the real-world problems that security analysts encounter every day. A product mindset enables cybersecurity companies to build an organizational culture that drives focus, speed, experimentation and innovation. The playbook highlights:

  • The growing pressure to protect infrastructure, endpoints and security companies themselves
  • Three principles that cybersecurity companies can apply to build more impactful, and ultimately, effective, technology products and solutions
  • Why the product mindset is the solution

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