Understanding Your Contract Universe to Build Awareness, Reduce Risk & Recognize Value

The average Fortune 1000 company actively manages tens of thousands of contracts at any one time. These documents touch every aspect of the organization, and yet many corporations are unable to synthesize or analyze their contract universe in a holistic or meaningful manner.

Watch our experts, Kelly Whetstone (Deputy General Counsel at Foreside), Ryan Drimalla (Managing Director at FTI Consulting), and Benjamin Kim (Legal Knowledge Engineering Manager at Kira Systems) share methods and strategies for getting ahead of the risk inherent in untracked and unknown contract populations.

Access this on-demand webinar, and you will learn:

  • What CLM looks like through a Corporate lens
  • The challenges that come with having a lack of CLM
  • How to assess and plan for Corporate CLM
  • Which aspects can be remedied by AI and how?

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