UNLOCKING THE HIDDEN POTENTIAL OF MANUFACTURING: How lubricants can help increase productivity and reduce total cost of ownership

While simple fixes may cost a few thousand dollars, lost revenue from equipment failures can run into the millions of dollars in lost productivity and replacement costs. That’s why it is important for companies to think about lubrication and equipment maintenance holistically, recognizing that short term cost savings may be leading to bigger, preventable expenses over the long term. By adopting a total cost of ownership (TCO) program, companies can find efficiencies they didn’t even know existed.
Shell Lubricants technical experts have helped manufacturing companies achieve savings that equal their total lubricants spending and further impact up to 30% of their maintenance budget. This paper explores the substantial business benefits possible from effective lubricant procedures. Case studies illustrate how manufacturing companies have successfully worked with Shell Lubricants to upgrade their lubrication and extract value by reducing TCO and improving equipment productivity.

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