Using Real Time Engines to Create Digital Twins and Smart Cities

This is particularly tangible in the concept of smart cities that rely on digital twins to enhance the civic experience.

Game engines have become ideal for creating representations of smart cities and digital twins. Though initially designed for developing video games, platforms such as Unreal Engine from Epic Games have demonstrated the unique ability to represent all of the aspects of industrial and municipal projects in real time and with collaborative interaction. This is due to the fact that such tools are otherwise used to give players entire virtual worlds to move through and engage with quickly and at high resolutions.

In this research report, you will learn:

  • What it takes to model a city and create a digital twin
  • Optimizing the use of real-time digital twins
  • How to translate data into game engines, and then into the physical world

In the following case studies, we see how game engines present unique opportunities for creating both industrial and municipal digital twins for smart cities.

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