Webinar: Writing the Future of Antibody Discovery Solutions

Dr. Aaron Sato, Chief Scientific Officer at Twist Bioscience, discusses how the Twist Biopharma division combines high-throughput DNA synthesis technology with deep expertise in antibody engineering to provide end-to-end antibody discovery solutions — from gene synthesis to antibody optimization.

The result is a make-test cycle that yields better antibodies against more diverse and challenging targets. Twist Biopharma continues to optimize and expand its library synthesis and screening capabilities in partnership with other discovery technologies to further utilize the Twist make-test cycle.

Covered in this webinar:

  • The Twist Discovery Stack - synthetic phage display libraries, in vivo immunization & artificial intelligence-aided Ab engineering
  • Case Study 1 - Adenosine Pathway Targets Master Checkpoint in Tumor Microenvironment (TME)
  • Case Study 2 - Use of Immune Repertoires to Design a Target Focused Library
  • Tools for Engineering CARs and TCRs

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