Benefit Changes Are Hard. Complementing Benefits Is Easy.

After a year of uncertainty, most employers are reluctant to make changes to their primary health insurance plans. What about all the new employee needs that cropped up this past year, related to mental health, retention and compensation?

Download this infographic now and see how these flexible complementary healthcare benefits* create win-win solutions by:

  • Closing voids in coverage that lead to financial strain
  • Strategically enhancing benefits for new needs, like mental health and well-being
  • Providing enrollment timing flexibility (the first of any month; no need to sync with the primary plan)

Primary health insurance plans can't meet these new needs, but the good news is complementary health insurance benefits* can help (whether or not the primary health insurance plan changes).


*The above referenced supplemental health insurance policies have exclusions, limitations, and benefits that vary by plan and state. To obtain a quote or for more details on coverage, contact ArmadaCare.

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