Deliver Compelling Video for Universities

Facing Rising Demand for Video Content On Campus

Universities have not traditionally been considered major producers of video content. Yet an increasing number of universities today are creating engaging videos for a wide range of purposes.

  • Admissions offices and alumni associations are asking on-campus video production teams to assemble videos that promote the school.
  • Researchers in science, engineering, medicine, social science, and other fields are capturing video as part of their projects.
  • Departments of public safety are recording huge volumes of surveillance video in their effort to deter crime, provide evidence for investigations, and enhance awareness for campus police.

The greatest demand for video on campuses, however, often comes from university athletic departments. For many universities, growing demand for sports-related video is the primary driver for building on-campus video production teams. Athletic departments want to enhance the in-game experience by creating stunning visual content that can be delivered to stadium jumbo screens as well as smartphones. At the same time, many athletic teams also use video for scouting, training, and competitive analysis. Athletic departments need video production resources that can support these and other use cases for numerous sports teams.

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