How to Increase Product Quality with Cutting Edge Technology

Many of today’s consumers can find fresh foods from all over the globe on a trip to the grocery store. From fruits and vegetables to meat and seafood, perishables are regularly shipped over long distances — arriving safe, sound and ready to eat/cook. But improper handling or inconsistent temperatures can lead to quality control and food safety issues, which can be expensive for shippers and potentially dangerous for consumers. 

Shipping fresh produce is an especially complex process, but many logistics professionals have found a solution in real-time temperature tracking. In this webinar, we’ll discuss the basics of the technology and how to get the most benefit from temperature tracking no matter what kind of shipping model you use. You will also learn: 

  • The most common things that can go wrong during fresh produce transport, where they occur and how they can be prevented
  • How different types of produce can be affected by different excursions
  • How regulations or protocols affect shippers and how temperature tracking aids in compliance

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