Inventory Management: Tech and Tools to Up Your Game

Port backups might not be as epic as they were in Q4, so that’s somewhat of a relief, right? But freight issues continue to manifest, and any number of factors limit your ability to stay on top of inventory as it flows from origin to facility and out again as customer orders. Labor issues abound up and down the supply chain, and a lack of predictable inbound lead times can throw a wrench in the works. To sum up: Without the right technology to effectively manage inventory, critical SLAs won’t be hit and under/overstocks will ding the bottom line.

This special report from Multichannel Merchant will address how the right tools and technology not only provide inventory accuracy and visibility, but help you prioritize and track SKU movement within a facility, among network nodes and in partner channels. It will also cover advanced capabilities as well as must-have systems to help you make the most efficient use of inventory on hand.

You will learn:

  • How Saadia Group, Musictoday and Luminess Air view inventory management
  • How the past two years have radically reshaped inventory strategy
  • How disruption has led to silver linings like innovation and greater cooperation
  • About both DIY and major tech investment approaches to the issue

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