Nine Different Types of Backlinks Your Website Needs to Boost Your Ranking

Backlinks benefit the rating and authority of your website in multiple ways if you use the right backlinks. The three qualities you need are:

  • Credibility and authority of the contributor
  • Whether the site agrees to post a link as a dofollow one
  • Where your link is located

Additionally, there are multiple types of references that will have the biggest impact for your site. We’ll review most of them here.

Editorial Backlinks

This is the best type of link for high-quality, interesting content. It’s embedded in a publication on the contributor site. Usually, a journalist or blogger will mention your company after an interview or if your company brings a lot of value to the subject matter being discussed.

You can buy trusted backlinks or get them organically. And while the first option used to be frowned upon, services have evolved. Now, you don’t buy a bundle of poor links on spammy sites. You get full management and top-notch links in the best locations.

Webinar Backlinks

When hosting a webinar, make sure that the subject matter is so useful that other websites will want to link to it. Make the recording public. Be sure to promote the webinar, offering a convenient link to it.

You can contact sources that can be used for guest-blogging and ask them to feature the video with a link as well.

If you happen to see a publication about your topic that already has a link but it’s broken, it’s a great opportunity. Contact the webmaster and suggest they replace the broken link with a link to your webinar. If you need more info, provides details on how to use broken links to your advantage.

Guest Post Backlinks

Guest posting is considered one of the most beneficial ways to get references and raise awareness on your area of expertise or your brand. The website you choose to work with should be high-ranking and credible.

The sources should be very carefully and methodically chosen. There are also services that can help you find sites and even provide high-quality posts.

Guest Post Bio Links

You can also provide a link in the bio of the writer in your guest post. It’s a common format that adds credibility to any publication. Even if it’s in small print, the link will be counted.

Tool/Service Backlinks

You can create more visibility by asking appropriate websites to mention your free tool, study, article, or service. Create something very useful for the target audience that won’t be too labor-intensive for you. It may be a demo version of your software, a calculator relevant to your niche, the latest study (rather a part of it), etc.

Many websites will gladly make use of it and recommend it to their readers.

Business Page Backlinks

You should have social media accounts and a business page on Google. You can add links that provide useful information to the bio. First, add your home page. Then, update links with the latest publications, sales, product descriptions, etc.

Search engines count these as well. Make sure you don’t overcrowd your bios with links, or it will look spammy.

How Backlinks

Look for publications about your niche and think of something useful to add to the discussion going on in the comments. If there are none, you might be able to add something to the article and use a link there.

Make sure you don’t create spammy content. Many websites have moderators that check every word, so your content should be informative and relevant for a link to be published. You’ll also want to make sure the website is valuable for your profile.

Donation or Sponsorship Backlinks

When doing a good deed, chances are you can be mentioned for it in promotional materials. You may provide valuable insight, play a role in a study, donate, or become a sponsor for an event. The host of the event will most likely be happy to give you a reference with a link to your homepage or a publication about the collaboration.

Award Backlinks

Once you’ve established a certain level of authority, create an award system to praise websites for the value they bring to the industry. Give an award to the sites you’re interested in and they’ll usually give you a free backlink. Most websites will be happy post the award because it will boost their credibility as well!

All these links are essential for your brand awareness. Refer to for the best link-building strategies and tips for all the link types mentioned above. Always remember to check for broken links (yours and your competitors). You’ll see your rating surge and your reference profile flourish!

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