Data transfer and exchange is key for analyzing quality related data in order to optimize processes and products and to make decisions as early as possible in the process. Disconnected and paper-based processes hamper not only the access of relevant data throughout the research, development and manufacturing lifecycle but any manual steps in this process bear significant compliance risks. Innovation requires collaboration which in today’s industry often happens in a global externalized environment which is not supported by the required infrastructure.

These challenges also apply to the lab environment, which in order to contribute to the corporate goals needs to remove inefficiencies and compliance risks from lab processes and to provide a collaborative environment for innovation. This can only be achieved by:

- Standardized lab processes and adoption of standard procedures, recipes and workflows

- One single foundation for integration, automation and collaboration in the lab

- End-to-end processes tailored to lab based roles

BIOVIA Laboratory Informatics provides a standardized approach for all laboratory processes including the management of procedures, recipes, and resources and the execution of lab workflows and tasks and uses the S88 standard for importing and exporting data and information between the BIOVIA applications and 3rd party products.

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