5 Questions to Ask When Planning Your IT Budget in 2022

Managing an organization’s IT budget can be a demanding responsibility. IT leaders must think strategically in asking key questions to allocate funds properly. The resulting budget must also align with business objectives. Service Express CIO Todd Piper sits down to share his first-hand experience with IT budget planning and offers tips to help others who are working through this process.

Todd addresses five critical budget planning questions including:

  • What is IT budget planning and why is it important?
  • What are the goals when planning an IT budget?
  • What are the areas to focus on when IT budget planning?
  • What challenges are involved when building an IT budget?
  • What shifts have occurred in IT priorities?

Finding areas of improvement and cost savings will put any IT leader well on their way to creating a more robust department and in a stronger position to contribute to the success of the organization. Read the article now to learn more.

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