5 Things Construction Workforce Intelligence Delivers

Seventy percent of general contractors plan staff allocations no more than two months in advance of a project—leaving them a mere 60 days to address issues of understaffing, talent analysis and hiring needs. 

If you’re still using analog solutions like workforce planning spreadsheets, homegrown applications and whiteboards to guide your tactical and strategic business decisions, there is a better way. In this playbook, you’ll learn about the long- and short-term advantages of switching to a cloud-based digital solution, including:

  • Creating a workforce intelligence chain that supports HR and talent recruiting
  • Identifying existing company talent and skills, the types of projects, and any in-house local connections to fill project pipelines
  • Tying precon and project operations together to provide a level of allocation and capacity clarity that’s not possible with conventional, analog planning methods
  • Forecasting tools that help anticipate issues and provide workarounds

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