Cybersecurity Trends 2020

Over the past few years, organizations have faced a growing challenge: while they have increased spending on cybersecurity infrastructure, the threat of attacks and breaches has continued to escalate at unprecedented speed. This conundrum is driving the need for business executives and security professionals to work in closer alignment to holistically address issues around cloud security, business risk and data privacy, as well as validate that security controls are offering necessary protection of critical assets, according to executives from security instrumentation provider Verodin.

Additionally, with the U.S. presidential election taking place in 2020, there are heightened concerns among the general public and state government institutions about the security of the country’s electronic voting system. Verodin’s leadership has insights into how state and local governments will address their own security infrastructure in the coming year.

Four key cybersecurity trends that will shape how users and vendors of security technology approach the evolving threat landscape, as described by Verodin’s executive team, are outlined in the eBook.

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