Duo for Essential 8: Mitigating Risk for Australian Organizations with Cisco Secure Access

This brochure explains how Cisco Secure Access by Duo aligns with the latest maturity model’s recommendations to fit your business’ unique needs. You’ll see how our zero trust strategies can arm each and every access point at your company, dually offering indiscriminate flexibility that helps keep users safe in any setting. Regardless of industry, size or maturity level, Australian businesses can rely on help from Duo’s customizable 6-part zero trust strategy, which includes:

  1. Robust user identity verification
  2. Comprehensive health checks for all company and personal devices
  3. Personalized authentication options
  4. Full-scope access control enforcement
  5. Detailed admin visibility software
  6. Seamless VPN, SSH and RDP remote access tools
Cisco Duo EMEA Standard TA 022024 & Cisco Duo APJC Standard TA 022024

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