Earned Wage Access Isn’t New. The Power It Holds May Be.

Nearly nine out of 10 (89%) HR executives say they are extremely or very familiar with earned wage access. What’s interesting is that although HR execs understand the benefits — it provides a recruiting advantage, increases employee engagement and motivation, etc. — one common misconception is keeping everyone from using it. 

That misconception — that EWA is hard to implement — isn’t the case. Still, survey respondents who don’t offer EWA outline top concerns like:

  • 39% say determining which employees are eligible is problematic
  • 32% say integrating EWA into payroll systems has caused challenges
  • 31% say affordability is a factor

With 39% of employees requesting it, EWA is no longer valuable — it’s essential. We’ve got answers for every concern, as well as suggestions on how to optimize EWA to make the most of the benefit. When you’re ready to start considering EWA as a standard benefit that provides financial value for your company, download this research report.

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