EDB Postgres Distributed: The Next Generation of Postgres High Availability

Over the last five years, the definition of High Availability (HA) has changed. HA used to refer to technology  protecting users from hardware failures, network glitches, and software faults. Today, HA technology  makes sure that software services are always on—365 days a year, 24 hours a day. HA products still protect users from failures, but as hardware, networks, power supplies, and storage devices have become much more reliable, near-zero downtime maintenance and management have moved to the forefront of the HA debate. EDB Postgres Distributed, formerly known as ‘BDR - Bidirectional Replication’, has a wide field of possible applications, such as master data management, sharding, and data distribution.

In this whitepaper, we only focus on high availability, where EDB Postgres Distributed provides unparalleled protection from infrastructure issues, combined with near zero-downtime maintenance and management capabilities. 

EDB’s Always On architectures for Postgres, which are built on EDB Postgres Distributed, have become the industry-leading solution for highly available Postgres. 

This white paper introduces the EDB Postgres Distributed technology and the Always On architectures.

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