Evaluating ABM: Building Blocks for Long-Term Growth

Elevating ABM: Building Blocks for Long-Term Success, the sixth annual ABM benchmark report from ITSMA and the ABM Leadership Alliance, explores both the current state of ABM and the priorities for longer term success.

Based on an international survey of almost 300 ABM leaders and practitioners, plus interviews and hands-on experience with hundreds of programs, the report documents:

  • The investments that ABM programs are making
  • The diverse approaches they’re taking
  • Key ABM attributes and maturity levels 
  • Essential team skills, tactics and tools
  • Business results from real-world strategies 

For companies looking to develop and strengthen ABM programs, the report also highlights current challenges and plans for 2023, the key differences between the most effective programs and others, and the building blocks for long-term success. Download now! 

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