Finance Company Deploys V-locity I/O Reduction Software for Blazing Fast VDI

The New Mexico Mortgage Finance Authority is a self-supporting quasi-governmental entity that provides financing to make quality affordable housing and other related services available to low- and moderate- income New Mexicans.

The MFA decided to move away from the use of physical PCs and migrate to a virtual desktop infrastructure to better support their users. Although often a preferred strategy for standardization and ease of use, the biggest challenge most organizations face in the rollout is ensuring an endpoint experience that rivals or even improves upon the performance users are accustomed to seeing on their physical PCs. “Anytime an organization starts talking about VDI, the immediate concern in the IT shop is how well we will be able to support it from a performance standpoint to ensure a pristine end user experience."

“With V-locity I/O reduction software running on our VDI instances, users no longer have to wait extra time. The same is now true for our other mission critical applications like MS-SQL. The dashboard within the V-locity UI provides all the necessary analytics about our environment and view into what the software is actually doing for us.

The fact that all of this runs quietly in the background with near-zero overhead impact and no longer requires a reboot to install or upgrade makes the software truly “set and forget,” said Navarrete.


Read more about how V-locity helped the MFA by downloading this case study.

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