How to Use Data in Contract Negotiations and Avoid Duplicate Discounts

Pharmaceutical companies are struggling with a growing gap between gross to net prices, with data showing that average net drug prices have declined for the past five years and the retail prices of brand-name drugs have been reduced to less than half of their list prices.

And it’s not just rebates and price concessions that are fueling these declines. Overlaps between 340B, commercial and other drug discounts mean manufacturers are receiving requests for multiple discounts and paying duplicate—or even triplicate—discounts on a single dispense. After reading this playbook, you’ll understand how the right data can help you avoid duplicate discounts and negotiate better commercial contracts, including: 

  • The issues manufacturers face when negotiating contracts
  • How duplicate discounts and unfavorable contract terms can slow growth
  • How to recognize data deficiencies and discover questionable claims

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