Insider Risk Management: Adapting to the Evolving Security Landscape

In today’s fast-paced business world, it is increasingly difficult for organizations to secure their critical assets, and insider threats pose a burgeoning risk to those assets. As the workforce rapidly evolves, with employees working remotely and businesses adopting cloud-based technologies, critical corporate data can be accessed from almost anywhere and at any time. This leaves critical assets susceptible to being accessed, downloaded, and stolen within seconds, and without raising suspicion.

To help you protect your organization’s critical assets, download our eBook on best practices for developing an insider risk management program. Insider threat expert Shawn M. Thompson, Esq. draws on the Insider Threat Management Group’s experience training and building insider threat programs for more than 500 companies.

You’ll learn:

- The risks that organizations face from insider threats

- The “new breed” of insiders and the dangers they pose

- Best practices for developing an insider risk management program

This comprehensive eBook is ideal for business leaders and stakeholders, security leaders, and practitioners involved in managing their organization’s security. With this expert guide, you can start tackling an insider risk management problem today.

Download now to secure your organization’s future and defend against the increasing frequency and cost of insider threats.

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