2021 Talent Acquisition Technology Trends

Overnight, the COVID-19 pandemic brought to light major limitations associated with the cumbersome TA tech stacks many recruiting teams had been saddled with for years. On the other hand, those who had invested in a unified talent platform were able to effectively navigate the complexities of managing talent during the earliest days of the crisis.

This eBook explores the significant benefits that are realized through a natively built talent platform across hiring process efficiency, data-based insights, and collaboration and connection. Among the exceptional results achieved by the forward-thinking talent acquisition teams that have adopted a platform approach are:

  • An 80% reduction in time to slate
  • A 25% reduction in time to fill
  • A 35% reduction in cost of ownership

See how your team can make the switch to a modern platform—one that delivers seamless experiences while driving immediate improvements in performance and productivity.

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