2023 Freight Focus Report

What a difference a year makes. Twelve months ago, we were talking about constrained truckload capacity and surging demand, as disruptions and bottlenecks piled up to wreak havoc on supply chains. A year later, transportation providers and purchasers have a different cloud of uncertainty hanging over them – the economy. Is a recession coming (or is it already here)? If so, how deep will it be? The answer to these questions will shape much of 2023 and the strategies shippers need to employ to succeed. But to understand where we’re going, it helps to look at how we got here.

In this comprehensive annual report from DAT, our experts provide insight into the key trends that defined 2022 and analyze the market forces that will shape 2023. Shipper, broker, and carrier perspectives are all considered in order to pinpoint the different ways changing forces impact each part of the transportation ecosystem because healthy supply chains and transportation networks require all hands-on deck.

Download ‘2023 Freight Focus: The Transportation & Logistics Outlook’ today to ensure you’re driving forward with the actionable data and insights you need today to succeed in the transportation marketplace of tomorrow. 

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