5 Keys to Designing a Flexible Work Strategy

The pandemic gave employers and employees more than a year to experiment with new ways of working flexibly. For the most part, this experiment has been a surprising success and has opened employers’ eyes to their workforce’s adaptability.  More than 90% of employers say that productivity has stayed the same or improved with employees working remotely and 75% of employers say they will embrace a hybrid model.  

Download Mercer’s excusive guidebook to learn: 

  • 5 tips to help you establish a flexible work policy and keep your employees safe, healthy and your workplace secure.
  • How companies are addressing today’s labor market challenges through flexible working strategies.
  • Ways to align your vision with your business objectives and workforce needs.

No matter where you are on your flexible work journey, Mercer is here to help.  Download the full guidebook to get started.

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