A DevOps Approach to Digital Transformation Success

Digital transformation strategies are helping established companies cope with disruption and remain competitive. But for some organisations this transformation comes with more pain than others. DevOps, when successfully implemented across an organisation, is helping to minimise this pain. DevOps means people, process and the right tools working together to make product and service deliver faster and more predictable.  For CxOs with Digital Transformation at the top of their agenda, DevOps is proving to be an important key to success.

In this Executive Brief, you will glean insights on:

  • Some of the business benefits in getting DevOps right
  • Key challenges CxO’s must face in order for DevOps initiatives to be successful
  • Trends observed in large organisations implementing DevOps
  • Key points CxO’s and their your team should consider

Summarising key insights from a DevOpsGuys white paper, this short briefing document provides the busy professional with a quick, easy-to-read and share format.

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