A World Gone Social: Summarized by Get Abstract

Companies and executives must adapt to social media to move ahead in today’s world. Internet entrepreneurs and social media experts Mark Babbitt and Ted Coiné provide both basic and sophisticated information about social media to meet the needs of traditional firms. The authors are refreshingly good-humored and passionate; they extol the people they like and castigate those they don’t. While they maintain that executives who fail to board the social media express are already playing catch-up, Babbitt and Coiné also help them level the field. getAbstract recommends their insights to executives, investors and entrepreneurs in every field.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How the business benefits of social media manifest
  • Why the Social Age has replaced the Industrial Age
  • Why financial ROI doesn’t apply to social media
  • How to develop a social media plan for your firm

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