Accessibility in 2018: Free Website Scan and Ultimate Guide to Web Accessibility

WCAG 2.1 is the standard in digital accessibility. This dual offer includes an automated scan of your site with the powerful a11y® platform against WCAG 2.1 A/AA guidelines and the ultimate beginner's guide to how and why those guidelines apply to your website.

With your a11y® platform scan:

  • Artificial intelligence will scan your web pages against hundreds of rules.
  • You'll receive a report identifying which WCAG 2.1 A/AA checkpoints failed.
  • You'll have a great starting point for understanding the condition of your site's accessibility.

Here's how to get started: Download this kit now to get immediate access to the Ultimate Guide to Web Accessibility. Your a11y® platform scan will begin right away. Once the scan is complete, you will receive the results via email from the Bureau of Internet Accessibility in a day or two.

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