Active Directory Security: What Needs Immediate Priority!

The need to secure Active Directory is no longer an option, but a mandate. Attacks on Active Directory are at an all-time high. Companies that are not taking heed are being punished, both monetarily and with loss of production. Security starts at securing what you have in place, as well as knowing about new attack paths. Implementing a tiered security structure is a great foundation. Notifications to the SOC and administrators, in real-time, is essential. However, some attacks will still occur, so real-time detection and notification of attacks is also essential.

Derek Melber, 17X MVP, will guide you through the process to secure your AD and meet these goals, with a full list of tasks to complete when you get back to work.

During this webinar you will learn:

  • How to prioritize vulnerability management
  • What attackers are leveraging to breach organizations
  • Where Active Directory security needs immediate attention
  • Overall strategy to secure your environment and keep it secured

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