Addressing Employee Physical and Mental Health with Virtual Care During COVID-19

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, your employees now expect you to provide the resources required so they can work safely – remotely or on-site – and access to healthcare in a more flexible way. In the current environment providing telehealth services for both physical and mental health will help you address workers’ changing needs.

Download this white paper now for four factors you should consider when evaluating a telehealth platform to ensure it engages employees and delivers effective results. These include:

  • Ways to take the stress out of healthcare access
  • How to limit wait times through telehealth services
  • Why it’s important for employees to have access to virtual primary care and multispeciality services
  • Options for providing telehealth to the entire family

With a “return to normal” still far away, you must adapt to the world the way it is now. Offering a program with telehealth benefits that will continue to provide aid long after the pandemic is over is key to helping your employees.

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