Ansys Autonomy: A Foundation for NCAP Leadership

The digitalization of the passenger automobile has delivered a host of benefits, including enhanced physical sensing and more autonomous functionality. But with these technology improvements have come significant concerns about protecting the safety of passengers, other drivers and pedestrians. In comparing car models, both consumers and industry regulators need to confidently answer the questions: “Does this model deliver the highest possible level of safety?” and “Has it been tested and verified?” New car assessment programs (NCAPs) around the world provide an objective way to answer these questions, awarding every car model a safety rating from one to five stars. How can automakers achieve a five-star rating — and win the consumer sale? The Ansys solution for autonomous technology, Ansys Autonomy, provides a risk-free, time- and cost-efficient way to analyze and verify the safe, reliable performance of today’s highly digitalized passenger cars. By leveraging the robust Ansys simulation portfolio, automotive engineers can assume NCAP leadership and gain a true competitive advantage.

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