APIs for Modern Commerce – Enable Rich Customer Experiences Everywhere

During the 18th century, steam engines powered the industrial revolution. Today, Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are at the heart of the digital revolution. Often described as currency in the digital world, APIs are especially valuable to retailers and brands for guaranteeing speed and safety in the exchange of information and delivering the agility needed to quickly build customer experiences. With this practical guide, commerce developers will know how to enable rich consumer experiences on every device and channel using APIs.

This eBook provides readers with both a high-level introduction of APIs, as well as detailed instructions on how to model, build, deploy and expose APIs for maximum benefit. In short: Learn how smart commerce works.

Key Takeaways

  • What APIs are and why APIs are so valuable for digital commerce.
  • How and why to model commerce APIs before the implementation.
  • How to build APIs using microservices and why this combination works so well together.
  • How to deploy commerce APIs.
  • Consuming and extending APIs to achieve maximum flexibility and differentiation.

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