Are you looking to shift more roles to contingent? Find out how to build a 2020 contingent workforce of the future from our guide.

More than half (55%) of working professionals are more open to non-traditional work arrangements than they were in the past. Is contingent talent part of the workforce planning at your organization? 

70% of talent leaders expect to shift more roles to contingent to enjoy advantages such as cost savings, flexibility, speed to fill and agility. But managing different types of workers and ensuring compliance can get complex. That’s why you need an effective strategy to fully benefit from the rise of the contingent workforce. 

Get tips for building a 2020 contingent workforce of the future with our guide to managed services programs (MSP). You’ll learn: 

  • What is MSP and its different models
  • The benefits of MSP and how it can solve your contingent workforce challenges
  • Building a business case for MSP and driving program success 

Get your copy now and start your contingent talent transformation journey.

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