Artificial intelligence in IoT

Once your devices are connected to the industrial Internet of Things (IoT), an abundance of data is available for you to analyze.

Download the Q&A “AI with IoT made simple: MindSphere AI for Everyone” to find answers to common questions and learn how artificial intelligence in IoT can help you interpret data and make informed decisions.

AI for Everyone features
With artificial intelligence (AI) for Everyone functionality, you can easily leverage time series data from IoT-connected assets and create forecast models. Implementing AI and machine learning then allows you to take advantage of a breadth of predictive capabilities and further IoT use cases, increasing the value and benefit of your connected devices. Some key features of AI for Everyone include:
•    Accessible AI solutions for any skill and experience level
•    Simple out-of-the-box implementation
•    Easy access to data from IoT-connected assets
•    Smart forecasting capabilities

MindSphere®, Siemens’ industrial IoT as a service solution, allows users to integrate AI components from Tangent Works with MindSphere. These tools are available out-of-the-box for all levels of implementation, even if you are using a MindSphere Start for free trial account.

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