Automation Insights – Lunch / Dinner Discussion at the Sky Bar at the Four Seasons Hotel

The most successful organizations are continuously looking for a competitive edge. From providing the best products, to the best service and user experience; the pressure to be the best of the best continues to grow - impacting businesses at every level! From the record high employee attrition causing a labor shortage that challenges remaining employees; to ensuring sustainability flows through all business decisions; to ensuring that complex applications remain scalable as the business grows! These are just some of the key challenges that grow businesses need to overcome for growth and success!

So, continued success requires new levels of resilience and agility, with businesses now looking at intelligent automation - the combination of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and process automation enabling more efficient processes business-wide - to gain or maintain their competitive edge.

Join us on June 7th over Lunch or Dinner at the incredible Sky Terrace of the Four Seasons Hotel, St Louis for an exclusive roundtable discussion with senior executive peers, thought leaders, and experts, and to discover new ways to grow revenue, increase productivity, and streamline operations.

The conversation will focus on:

  • Labor Shortage: Uplift employee engagement by eliminating mundane tasks and empower existing employees to be their most effective?
  • Sustainability: How can you weave sustainability into every business strategy?
  • Scaling Automation to the enterprise: How do you utilize automation to enable scalability of other business functions?

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