Banking on Intelligence | How AI and ML Help Banks Stay Ahead of Cybercriminals and Compliance Regulations

Banking ranks first among industries in the annual cost of cyberattacks—more than $18.3 million per year per company. While complying with KYC and AML regulations can be effective in preventing fraud and theft, banks must stay vigilant to keep pace with rapidly evolving cybercriminal methods

As financial institutions rely increasingly on automation, mobile technology, and contactless interactions to deliver productivity benefits, these measures can also create new vulnerabilities that cybercriminals exploit. How can financial institutions successfully counteract the constant flow of attacks?

Preventing sophisticated crimes requires sophisticated measures. Digital Intelligence provides a new approach to using the latest artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to deliver key capabilities that provide banks with confidence in protecting their institutions from both fraud and regulatory violations.

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  • Track chain of custody of documents
  • Gain insight into the ways that people interact with documents
  • Discover patterns of suspicious behavior in processes

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