DDoS Attack Threat Landscape — Tracking DDoS Attack Trends in Q2’22


DDoS attacks are on the rise. Ransom attacks reached an all-time high in June 2022, the Ukraine-Russia war provoked new attacks against broadcast media and banking companies, and both application-layer and network-layer attacks rose by over 70% since 2021.

Cloudflare analyzes DDoS attacks that are detected and mitigated across our global network — spanning over 270 data centers worldwide — to uncover key patterns and insights into both known and emerging attack types.

Download the 2022 Q2 DDoS threat landscape report to discover:

  • Which industries are getting hit the hardest in 2022
  • Why “Fancy Lazarus” ransom attacks are focusing on financial institutions and cryptocurrency companies
  • The three most common types of network-level attacks

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