Which tax compliance solution is right for you?

Every year, the Wolters Kluwer team works hard to bring additional features and upgrades to simplify your tax season. This year is no different, which is why Canada's Top 30 accounting firms use Wolters Kluwer for their tax preparation software.

Choose between two leading tax compliance software to ensure your next tax season is as efficient as every before.

CCH iFirm Taxprep is Canada's first cloud-based tax compliance solution, and contains many of the features available in Taxprep. It is designed to deliver added workflow efficiency for management of high volumes of returns and has advanced features for sophisticated return preparation. And, it has all the advantages of working in the cloud including access from anywhere at any time, software that is always up to date, and fully secure data and document storage.

Taxprep is Canada’s most advanced line of on-premise professional tax preparation software, relied upon by all of Canada’s top accounting firms and thousands of small and medium-sized firms and corporations. Taxprep delivers the tools you need to increase profitability and provide value-added services to your clients – during tax season and beyond.

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