Digital Certification Management

Proving airworthiness can be frustrating. Just ask any organization that must do so regularly. Locating and providing proof their products will perform in accordance with standards, rules and laws in various countries is a daunting task.

In the aerospace industry, safety is everything and every rule and design requirement is based on the possibility of what can or has gone wrong. These rules exist to prevent accidents, injuries, death and any other possible catastrophic incidents. Therefore, there are rigorous standards in place to ensure anything that can take off can also land safely.

From the smallest glider and helicopter to the largest commercial airliner and military jet, all aircraft must receive and maintain proof that its design and all production copies are airworthy. This process is known as airworthiness certification, and it applies to everyone involved with an aircraft, including manufacturers, owners, operators and essentially every stakeholder it is touched by throughout its lifetime.

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