Digital Innovation: Opportunities, Risks, and Responsibilities

Strategic IT investments can bring all manner of business innovations to life. Digital transformation can lead to better patient outcomes, higher ecommerce sales, greater research discoveries and more. However, it also comes with risks. With new technology and more data collection come new cybersecurity vulnerabilities and privacy concerns. With more analytics and powerful computing come bigger environmental impacts. With greater use of AI come new ethical questions. And while businesses race to meet tech-savvy customers’ demands, they may leave other people behind.

When businesses expect all customers to have increasingly sophisticated technology to log in to systems, make purchases, book appointments, or take classes, new equity and accessibility problems arise, widening the digital divide. As IT organizations overhaul systems and processes to provide for the future, how can they make sure their IT operations continue to be reliable, resilient, and efficient? Learn about digital innovation and the opportunities, risks, and responsibilities that come along with it from the experts in this new live event.

Attend this webinar and you'll:

  • Learn how IT executives can balance innovation with risk.
  • See how IT impacts ESG.
  • Find out how to take advantage of all digital transformation's benefits without falling prey to its traps.

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