Electric Vehicle and Smart Manufacturing

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the major North American vehicle manufacturers had been slowly embracing the move to electric vehicles and had been selective in embracing Industry 4.0/smart manufacturing.

The impact of the pandemic on supply chains, as well as consumers’ rapidly shifting expectations around sustainability, has resulted in a global reset for the industry.

There is a new emphasis on cooperation and realignment of the industry supply chain to bring new technology and innovation to market as efficiently as possible, and to be best positioned to adapt to rapidly changing market requirements and new business models.

This whitepaper is based on a North American survey, completed in early 2021. It explores: 

  • The degree to which planning and strategy have manifested in real changes to the industry’s approach. 
  • The technical challenges associated with the introduction of smart manufacturing.
  • Shifts in the supply chain, as innovation is embraced to deliver an increasing portfolio of electric vehicles (EV) over the next five years.

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