Facts Worth Knowing About AC Drives

In 1968, Danfoss was the first company in the world to commence mass production of AC drives, for variable speed control of three phase induction motors.

Today AC drives are an increasingly important component for optimizing motor operation, and the system attached to the motor. AC drives are now used in an expanding range of applications, with the following main objectives in mind:

  • Energy efficiency optimization: Converting from fixed to variable speed in applications with varying load, delivers significant energy savings. In fact, these days, modern motor technology always requires advanced control in order to run optimally at all speeds.
  • Factory automation: Continuously escalating demand for factory throughput leading to a higher degree of automation implies a growing need for variable speed solutions.
  • Process control and optimization: Improved process control often requires variable speed motor control and leads to more precise control, higher throughput, or comfort, depending on the application.
  • Hybridization: Solving issues in power demand in the most cost effective and suitable manner by means of energy storage.

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