Future of Contact Centre : A Forecast

In response to the pandemic and rapidly changing customer demands, contact centers have undergone a decade's worth of transformation in the past two years. That does not, however, mean we can take the next few years off. The hybridization of the workforce deranged multiple walks of life and contact centers were amongst the first and worst hit. The pandemic vividly pointed out how the traditional contact center models weren’t versatile enough to cope with unprecedented challenges.

Underpinned by technological innovations, contact centres have an incredible opportunity to implement a new baseline model for their employees and workplace. Platforms leveraging AI and cognitive technology are paving the way for an accelerated tomorrow.

Tune in to this on-demand executive roundtable session from CCW’s Virtual Event - “The Future of the Contact Center: A Forecast”, where Vishal Sharma, CTO, SearchUnify, along with Brian Cantor - Principal Analyst & CCW Digital Director, Customer Management Practice; Matt Edic - Chief eXperience Officer, IntelePeer; Chaitanya Chokkareddy - Chief Innovation Officer, Ozonetel shed light on how AI-powered tools can drastically reduce customer effort, amplify agent engagement, improve UX, and refine contact centers to stay a cut above the rest.

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