Get access to uniquely qualified marketable audiences

Our data activation platform is built on world-class first-party data collected over decades of connecting buyers and sellers. We provide access to that data, and work with clients to execute full-funnel marketing strategies that unlock its value. 

We'll help you:

Find ideal customers

Tap into our trusted first-party database of marketable contacts, and work out who’s currently in-market for your products.

  • Industry-specific audiences pooled from key influencers at the heart of more than a dozen industries
  • Market Insight reports that reveal companies currently researching your products
  • Buyer intent scoring that allows you to focus marketing spend and effort on those ready to convert

Reach them wherever they are online

We expand your audience so you reach more of the right people with hyper-targeted multichannel campaigns.

  • B2B2C identity resolution that unlocks B2C channels for B2B marketing
  • ABM expansion that allows you to reach more companies with similar attributes to your key accounts
  • Multichannel campaigns across display, social, video, and native 

Convert them into leads

Our content-centric lead generation program delivers a steady pipeline of high-quality leads directly into your CRM.

  • Content syndication across our vast network of B2B professionals actively researching topics related to your products
  • Hyper-filtering capability that allows you to reach only those you know are interested in your products
  • Seamless integration of leads directly from our platform to your CRM

About Qualfi

Who we are

A data activation provider within Informa PLC who combine unique first-party data, intent enrichment, and market insights to help improve the performance of clients' marketing campaigns.

What we do

Provide access to uniquely qualified audiences of marketable contacts and partner with clients to execute full-funnel marketing strategies that unlock its value

Why our first-party data is unique

  • Collected over decades of connecting buyers and sellers through Informa's events, media titles, and intelligence providers
  • Captured first-hand by long-established B2B brands at the heart of more than a dozen international industries
  • Highly-targeted and granular, with up to 250 demographic, firmographic, and behavioral data points per audience profile
  • Refreshed every single day to provide fresh, reliable insight on customer behavior, interest, and needs
  • Ethically sourced, privacy-compliant, and fully consented to ensure it's ready to be used in marketing campaigns
  • Enriched with buyer intent to reveal when buyers are actively in-market for products and solutions

What this means for you

  • Reach highly-targeted audiences of qualified prospects showing the right signals of interest in your products and services
  • Expand your reach to new audiences that share attributes, behavior, and interests of your ideal customers
  • Amplify your content to a vast network of previously unknown B2B professionals actively researching topics related to your business
  • Deliver a steady pipeline of hiqh-quality leads directly into your CRM
  • Tailor your messaging to the reflect prospects interests, attributes, and place in the buying cycle to increase engagement and conversion
  • Benefit from data-driven recommendations and campaign optimizations from a team of in-house digital marketing experts

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