How BioPharma Leaders Are Increasing ROI

Data collection has long been an issue for pharma brands. HIPAA regulations provide guideposts around patient privacy, but consumer resistance poses another challenge altogether. Striking a balance between regulatory compliance and reassuring consumers that their personal information is safe can be difficult—so much so that some marketers steer clear of solutions that other industries rely on to optimize performance. In a market where metrics are key to campaign success, being too cautious can translate to a missed opportunity.

That’s where Neustar comes in. The information services and tech leader has created a playbook to help pharma marketers embrace consumer data as a key driver to campaign success. The five-step guide identifies common pitfalls and comprehensive solutions, like:

  • Making sense of the patient-to-prescription journey
  • How multi-touch attribution solutions can transform campaign performance
  • Tips for navigating the intersection of PHI and non-clinical data

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