How Construction Teams Tackle Project Issues in Real Time

​In a fast-moving construction environment, staying in sync with your team and resolving project issues quickly are imperative. To that end, construction teams have long relied on static spreadsheets and reports to keep track of the many moving parts and stages of complex building projects. 

But these tools don’t cut it anymore. The information they contain is not refreshed in real time, making it unreliable and almost immediately out of date. It also is inaccessible to most members of the team. Without current, full visibility, this can disrupt workflow and lead to unresolved site issues that turn into expensive rework. Autodesk’s suite of construction software uses a common data environment (CDE) that connects all your data from every stage of construction. Your whole team can access it to manage issues as they arise. In this webinar, we will explore how to:

  • Identify, assign and manage issues in one place
  • Resolve issues faster with tools built for collaboration
  • Avoid costly rework

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