How Effective Project Management Can Boost Your Construction Bidding Success

Creating a well-defined and repeatable process for bidding and executing projects is essential for success. Documentation is crucial for effective project management. Project management requires a team effort, and it's crucial that everyone is on board with the processes. Project delays can be costly, and effective cost management is key to completing projects within budget.

In this discussion, two construction industry experts, Traci VanDalsem and Michael Wright, explore how to use project management techniques to improve your bidding success and ensure successful project execution. Learn how to:

  • Define your systems and processes and make them repeatable
  • Build your scope of work, and execute against the documents
  • Educate your teams and get them to buy-in to the processes
  • Manage the schedule daily and avoid project delays
  • Avoid overspending and effectively manage your project budget daily

As the Vice President of Client Experience at RedTeam and a seasoned professional with two decades of experience in the construction industry, Traci VanDalsem brings a deep understanding of the industry's dynamics. Having formerly served as President at Paskr (later acquired by RedTeam and product renamed to RedTeam Go), Traci consistently ensures that our clients receive exemplary service and support, underscored by genuine empathy and professionalism.

Michael Wright stands out as a seasoned commercial general contractor with a history of over 25 years in construction and real estate development, having been directly involved in projects cumulatively worth nearly $1 billion. Instead of following a conventional path, he dived into an industry traditionally lagging in technology adoption. His first-hand encounters with the challenges of running a construction enterprise pushed him to create RedTeam, offering a tangible solution to the complexities of managing construction projects. 

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